Eat Good . Drink a lot . Have Sex

Boonga Boonga Thailand Funky Bar Restaurant

The brand new Thai funky bar restaurant ''Boonga Boonga'' has come to Paleo Faliro and is expected to raise the entertainment bar!

A project with a naughty mood and intense eroticism, diffused everywhere in the space that causes kinky smiles... "Boonga Boonga", will serve dishes with a Polynesian taste direction and of course with a clear reference to Thai cuisine. Imagine traveling to exotic parts of Polynesia in Boonga Boonga's atmospheric space and fill your mind with images taken from exotic Thai paradises.
Think kinky and set yourself free, enjoying delicious ethnic dishes of Asian and Polynesian cuisine and stay in love!

The kinky creations of the cocktails will lift your senses here at Boonga Boonga's Thailand Funky Bar in Paleo Faliro.

At the same time, the musical carpet will be dressed with the best musical mood, always adapted to the general style of "Boonga Boonga".
Let's Stick together on Boonga Boonga's hot nights with musical "seductions" on the decks, daily for adults only!

If there was a KAMA SUTRA about food, we would have written it!

Think Kinky!

here at Boonga Boonga Athens, it is allowed...

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Naiadon 2, Palaio Faliro 175 61
Tuesday - Saturday 17:00 - 02:00
Sunday from 17.00

WiFi Free
Valet Every Day
Παρκαδόρος καθημερινά

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