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The new Thai restaurant of Paleo Faliro has a beautifully decorated space, combining Thai culture with modern and vintage elements, such as the classical piano that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

Colors, aromas and intense flavors in the dishes will offer a complete culinary experience. With strong characteristics of classic Thai cuisine, sweet and sour, hot and spicy flavors are perfectly combined and bring a highly balanced result at Boonga Boonga Athens in Paleo Faliro.
The menu includes the traditional Pad Thai noodles, Thai tacos, caramelized pork bao buns, miso soup and many other kinky foods!
The list is completed with delicious sweet temptations, such as Coco lips with coconut cream, white chocolate and rum as well as Choco lollipop with chocolate cream, peanut butter sauce and whiskey.
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Naiadon 2, Palaio Faliro 175 61
Tuesday - Saturday 17:00 - 02:00
Sunday from 17.00

WiFi Free
Valet Every Day
Παρκαδόρος καθημερινά

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